21.5″ Mini Kiosk with Catalog Holder

Capacitive Touch Screen with Catalog Holder

The Future of Stationary
& Modern Medias

Eflyn’s 21.5” Catalog Kiosk is an interactive kiosk with smooth capacitive touch giving the user the ability to use the screen as efficiently as using their cellular device.

The Catalog Kiosk allows customers andguests to use applications such as:

  • Spin to Win
  • Socialbooth Pro
  • Quick Match
  • Digital Signage and more…

And not only can the Catalog Kiosk be used digitally but it can also be used stationary
because of its feature and capability of holding on to print materials such as magazines,
brochures, pamphlets, cards and more for customers and guests to view and take from.

Lightweight, Portable & Durable

The 21.5” Catalog Kiosk is the lightest in Eflyn’s line of freestanding kiosks, it can be lifted and carried by a single individual. It’s not only light and portable but durable and dependable.

The main function of this kiosk is to operate as a freestanding kiosk and be useful in other ways like entertaining customers and guests through print materials.

Catalog Kiosk. The Small. The Powerful.

What is small and powerful you ask? Well our Catalog Kiosk is. Yes, the kiosk is indeed small compared to our other freestanding kiosks but it has the same performance capabilities as our biggest freestanding kiosk, impressive…yes definitely.

At Eflyn, we believe in applying the best of our tech to all of our line of products regardless of size, weight and popularity.

Remotely Manage
your Content

Through the use of our content management system called Saigon, you will be able to manage your content whenever you wish. Saigon CMS can be accessed on any computer and with the help of internet connection.

Whether it be information or visuals, you’ll be able to instantly add, change, edit and update your content on to the kiosk like magic. Simple and easy to use.

Catalog Kiosk Features

Our 21.5” Catalog Kiosk is one of a kind, because of its distinct feature of not being used for only digital purposes.

The Catalog Kiosk’s features are:

  • 21.5” Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Steel reinforced casing
  • 4 Dividers for print materials(magazines, brochures, cards)
  • Slim, Portable and Lightweight
  • Camera Mountable (optional)
  • Stable and sturdy base

Eflyn’s Applications

  •  Spin To Win
  • Quick Match
  • Socialbooth Pro
  • Easyfind Pro
  • Custom Apps
  • Digital Signage

Size & Specifications

Height::  1500mm
Width::  350mm
Side:  290mm
Processor:  Intel i3 3240 - 3.2 Ghz Processor
Operating System:  Windows 10 - 64bit
Display:  21.5” with Samsung TFT LCD Display
Resolution:  Full HD 1080 x 1920 (Portrait/Vertical)
Wifi:  802.11ac, 802.11n, and G
Contrast Ratio:  4000:1
Brightness:  450 cd/m2
Hard Drive:  64 GB Solid State Hard Drive
Memory:  Kingston 8GB DDR3 1333 MHz
Audio Support :  Stereo Audio Out
Communication:  Built-In Wifi and Ethernet
Bluetooth:  Built-In
System Depth:  1.5mm (Built-In)
Slots/Ports:  USB, HDMI

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