Eflyn High Brightness Digital Menu Boards Package

Appeal guests to your restaurant, promote and update your advertisments daily and make changes as you wish.

In This Guide:

Digital Menu Board

Efyn Content
Management Software

24/7 Technical Support

Fully Integrated with Efyn Self
Order Kiosk and POS System

Digital Menu Board

Ultra-Narrow Bezel

The screen has a bezel as thin as 3.5mm, minimizing the gap between active display areas.

High Brightness Display

Each screen emits 700+ nits of brightness, making a huge impact on the way content is shown.

24/7 Displays

Manufactured and deployed at restaurants for long and extensive 24/7 usage.

HD Displays

Brilliant 1080p or 4K picture quality. Amazing visua content resulting an increase in customer traffc.

Vibrant Colours to Showoff your Products

Showcase your products and digital menu in their true vibrant colours.

Setup Hanging or Wall Mounted

Setup your Digital Menu Board hanging from the ceiling or wall mounted to the wall. Choice is yours.

Confgure Multiple Displays as Video Wall

The Digital Menu Board helps you sell items and save money on print materials.

Efyn Content
Management Software

Supported File Types

Supports multiple types of content including images, videos, websites, PDFs and more

Scheduling Content

Schedule your content by the day, week, or even
months in advance.

Split Signage and Layout Content

Create custom layouts by combining different
content types on one screen.

Media Gallery

The media gallery allows you to reuse previously
uploaded assets.

Remote Management

Remote management lets you update your content in real time, from anywhere instantly.

Ready Made Templates

Create beautiful posters using hundreds of ready made templates.

Interactive Content

Create interactive content using the hyperlink feature.

Customizable Digital Menu

Add, edit, crop and scale images and video quickly and easily without any specialized software.

24/7 Technical Support

Free Training

We will provide you a full comprehensive training and pdf manual on how to use eflyn self order kiosk software and hardware.

24/7 Remote Management Support

The team at Eflyn never sleeps. We will login and support as soon as any problems arise.

24/7 Phone Support

The team at Eflyn never sleeps. Call anytime.

24/7 Email Support

The team at Eflyn never sleeps. Email anytime.

In Person Support

For all critical hardware issues, our field service technicians available all across USA & Canada.

Fully Integrated with Efyn Self Order Kiosk and POS System

Run Order Pick-Up Screen

Have your Digital Menu Board display order numbers that are in queue and those that are ready for pickup.

One System to Manage Everything

Manage your Digital Menu Board and Self Order Menu from the same account.

Share Content Across Both Platforms

Ability to share and access content across the Self Order Kiosk and Digital Menu Board.

Tracking Sales

Track how advertisements on the Digital Menu Board affect sales on the Self Order Kiosks.

Unified Solution

Available as one complete unifed solution with the best full service support.

You’re in good company.

Meet with an Eflyn Specialist

Bring the power of digital engagement to your business

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