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Efyn Security &
Surveillance Video Wall

Experience Visual Perfections

Upgrade your security and surveillance with Efyn’s Video Wall

Our Efyn Video Wall solution delivers high performance, HD image quality and content flexibility, so your security operations center (SOC) display:

  •  Gives you the ability to analyze real-time surveillance feed from multiple sources and make critical decisions in time.
  • High defnition video, ensuring a clear and productive work environment for operators analyzing information.
  • Reliable video wall operations 24/7. Long life expectancy and  low maintenance.

We have been in the digital signage business for more than 17 years and recognize the importance of digital solutions for our clients.
The video wall has immense value and potential towards surveillance and security. Efyn’s video wall consists of controllers and mounts that’ll hold the screens in place, displaying HD content in a variety of formats and confgure to any size and aspect ratio.


Efyn’s Video Wall has many features that will beneft your surveillance and security operations.

Here are some features the vidteo wall consists of:

Ultra-narrow bezel as thin as 3.5mm

Optional Multi-Touch Display

HD 1080p or 4K Displays

Free-standing or Wall-mounted options

Variety of sizes, orientation and screeens

High-Brightness 24/7 Displays


47” Video Wall Panel Specs

Screen: LCD/LED
Height: 590mm
Width: 1044.90mm
Depth: 59.80mm
Bezel: 3.5mm

55” Video Wall Panel Specs

Screen: LCD/LED
Height: 684.30mm
Width: 1213.53mm
Depth: 67.30mm
Bezel: 3.5mm

Saigon for Video Wall in Action

Manage content on your video wall easily through our Saigon content management system. You can easily upload HD content like live surveillance feeds, applications and media and assign screens to them through Saigon. Authorize the video wall to play in real time or schedule for a later date. It is undeniable video walls can make a big impact on any space.

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