Content Manager for Digital Signage & Video Wall

Efyn’s Saigon CMS can
manage almost everything.

Social Media today is all about sharing experiences. With the Socialbooth Pro you can quickly setup your own digital photobooth almost anywhere.

Create Limitless Content

With Saigon CMS, users have the ability to create content to their heart’s extent.

Saigon being a cloud based management system gives users the ability to expand on
content creation and uploading HD posters, images, audios and videos without hesitation.

Designed to work effortlessly with high quality content to envision end results. Users can customize their pages without the use of any code. Coding is optional for advanced users to customize their content however they wish.

Distribute Your Content

Saigon allows users to distribute and space their content to pages. Divide information to specific anchors or sections within a page, add spacing to your images and
text and custom code to give users the ability to be versatile when formatting and editing text settings and more. Saigon CMS gives users the ability to manipulate content
like none other.

Ads and posters can be played in a series, specifcally ordered or in a random andm unordered way. Schedule your content to play on a daily basis and/or schedule
different content during the holiday or seasonal times. There are no limits to what you can do.

List and Organize Content

Saigon CMS allows users to create and label categories and add items, products or
merchandise under those categories with details such as descriptions, stock availability, cost of products and more.

Organize items under the correct category, for example delicacies like swiss chocolate would be under the desert category. Another example could be protective cover cases for hardware under the protective cases category. Tagging items is also possible. Saigon makes it easy to list and organize items making content clear for users to navigate through.

Efyn’s Applications content can be managed through Saigon

Efyn apps can be managed through Saigon CMS and their content can be manipulated.

Efyn app’s that are compatible with Saigon CMS are:

Spin To Win

Quick Match

Socialbooth Pro

Easyfnd Pro


Custom apps or digital signage

Multilingual Options, Download the Saigon CMS Player for your OS

Saigon CMS users have the option to choose to work in their preferred language before accessing Saigon, an important feature for users around the world that communicate in a different language. Users have the ability to give limited or full permission rights to other users for access and letting them work on their assigned tasks.

Download the Saigon CMS player right to your desktop for direct access, choose your
operating system from the Saigon CMS website and the player will start to download.
Once downloaded, install the player and acquire the ability to access Saigon CMS directly.

Remotely Manage Your Content

Saigon CMS can be accessed on any computer or device via internet. Whether it be information or visuals, users will be able to instantly add, change, edit and update their content on to the kiosk like magic.

Simple and easy to use. Manage kiosks together or individually with the same or different content. Saigon gives users the ability to do anything with their registered kiosks.

Saigon CMS Features

Saigon CMS was made for easy content creation, customization and manipulation of layouts and organizing it the way users wish. These are some of the many features Saigon CMS offers its users:

Schedule to play ads/posters or have them running daily

Add, edit and resize your images

Scale your video to fit on to the kiosk screen and change it’s orientation if needed

Manage your content

Ability to move and add elements to pages

Create templates and edit each page according to users intended content

Brand pages to brand identity

Update kiosks simultaneously with a click of a button

No need for extensive code but users are given the ability to code if desired

Add social media buttons for guests to connect to

View statistics of kiosks to see how guests are using them

Protects user information

Add an advanced or custom search engine for guests

Insert a drop down list or navigation bar

Works on all platforms (Apple/Android/Windows/Linux)

Organize items and create pages for each individual item

Store and organize multimedia files within Saigon

Remote access

Multiple users can log on Saigon to contribute, schedule or edit content

Ability to run Eflyn or custom app’s

Support content on devices such as tablets, smartphones and etc.

Saigon is multilingual for all users

Video Wall Picture in Picture Variations

Different picture in picture variations that you see below are not illustrations or renderings. These are pictures taken from our own floor model video wall screen which comprises of 16 panels of 55” with hydraulic brackets. Please visit our showroom to check out a demo. If you are outside GTA please contact us to arrange for a web video cast.

2 4×1 Poster Ads
(Top Right-Bottom/Top Left-Bottom)
2×2 Video (Middle)
4 1×1 Videos (Top Middle Left-Right/
Bottom Middle Left-Right)

3 2×2 Videos
(Top Left/Right/Bottom Left)
4 1×1 Poster Ads (Bottom Right)

4×4 Fullscreen Video Ad

3×3 Video (Top Left)
4×1 Poster Ad (Top Right-Bottom)
1×3 Poster Ad (Bottom Left)

2×2 Video (Middle)
12 1×1 Poster Ads (Around Middle)

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