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Eflyn Free Standing Kiosks featuring Easyfind Pro for Restaurants Canada Show

Easyfind Pro is loaded with useful features.

The Easyfind Pro is a fully-featured wayfinding app that allows your visitors to easily navigate around your mall, hotel or office complex. Easyfind also lets you quickly manage all the rooms, floors and listings in your building, and update them in real-time.

Search places by name or number

Animated turn-by-turn directions

Changes synced instantly on all Wayfinders

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosk featuring Easyfind Pro for Restaurants Canada Show


Find places at the touch of a button.

If you operate a large retailer, hotel or office complex, you know just how difficult it can be to direct visitors to where they want to go. Easyfind supports a number of search and filtering features to make this easier. Users can search for places by room number or keywords with the combined search and filter bar.


Get better directions with animated instructions.

Everytime a user locates a room with the Easyfind Pro, they will get animated directions to the destination from the user’s starting point. With fully animated instructions such as zooming, walking and path-drawing, your users will find it simple and intuitive to find their way to any destination.

Eflyn Easyfind Pro animated navigational map video
Eflyn Easyfind Pro manage remotely via Laptop

Synchronized Changes

Your changes made live, anytime and anywhere.

See your changes appear instantly on all your Easyfind kiosks with live synching. The easy-to-use directory manager can let you make changes like editing listings, updating rooms and so much more, all from any computer or smartphone. Any changes you make are updated live on each of your kiosks, so you can manage your digital directory from anywhere, anytime.

Events & Advertising

Integrate ads, events and directory lists.

Customize your directory with images, text, videos and more for digital advertising. Show upcoming events and give users directions to the rooms with a single tap. Easyfind also supports widgets such as weather, social media updates, local news and more with custom widgets.

Eflyn Digital Directory App

Easyfind is loaded with useful features.

Management App

Easily manage your Easyfind kiosks with our quick and simple management app.

Synchronized Changes

See your changes appear instantly on all your Easyfind kiosks with live syncing.

Real-time Updates

Get the latest features and improved performance with real-time updates.

Ads & Media Support

Customize Easyfind with media such as images, video ads or poster slideshows.

Customize the UI

Easyfind’s UI is fully customizable with your branding.

Animated Directions

Easyfind offers fully animated directions from the kiosk directly to any room.

Room & Keyword Search

Search for places by room # or keywords with the combined search and filter bar.

Custom Shortcuts

Display up to 8 shortcut buttons to popular destinations in your building.

Multi-level Directions

Easyfind can give users directions to rooms on different floors or buildings.

Special Areas Display

Highlight special areas on a map such as restrooms, cafes and information desks.

Analytics & Reports

Track what your users are doing and get intelligent reports about Easyfind usage.

Alphabetical Listings

With the alphabetized directory, users can find a room or store by name.

Browse by Categories

Categories make it easy to group together and find similar destinations.

Mobile Apps Available

Your Easyfind can also be made available as a mobile app.

Redirect Your Users

Re-route users to office gatekeepers, or alternative rooms during renovations.

Events Calendar Display

Show upcoming events and give users directions to the rooms with a single tap.

Accessibility Mode

Visitors with disabilities can use Easyfind with Accessibility Mode.

Multiple Routes Supported

Directions with mulitple transports such as stairwells, elevators and escalators.

Map Legends & Highlights

Easyfind maps are accompanied by a customized legend for important areas.

Customize with Widgets

Display weather, social updates, local news and more with custom widgets.

Secured for Public Use

Easyfind is fully locked down to ensure that it can’t be tampered with in public.

Offline Support

With offline support, Easyfind can be used in areas with limited internet.

Custom Programming

Extend your app with more functionality. Ask about programming rates.

Run on Multiple Platforms

Easyfind supports Windows and macOS, as well as mobile platforms.

…and many more!

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