Sanitizer Kiosk

Thoughtfully designed hand sanitizer dispenser with a built-in 21.5” multi-touch Android display.

Sanitizer Level Indicators

Provides a smart visual reminder of the
current hand sanitizer level and when it needs to be replenished.

Dispensing Sensor Lights

Instantly lights up green during during dispensing
process to provide users visual queue to remove their hands.

Protective Screen Coating

All new Eflyn Self-Order Kiosks come coated with the world’s best anti-bacterial screen care solution. This preventative solution is also water-repellant, anti-radiation, scratch resistant rated for 9H hardness and does not cause any bubbles on the screen.
It protects the screen for up to 1 year after application and can be reapplied at anytime.

Sanitizer Kiosk Hand Sanitizing Station with 21.5” HD Multi-touch Display

Designed to empower communication, prevent contamination and promote good hygiene. The official Dispenser Kiosk is a thoughtfully engineered hand sanitizing station with a built-in 21.5” multi-touch Android display. Includes EflynShield Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral Screen Protection.


Includes EflynShield Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral Screen Protection.

  • Perfect for hotels, malls and large retail and office complexes
  • Dual-purpose design for wall-mounting or freestanding installation
  • Promote good hygiene throughout your hotel, office or restaurant
  • Bold and eye-catching Digital Signage Display
  • Keep workplaces informed
  • Protect guests and customers
  • Place in key locations to provide daily reminders.
  • Comes with EflynShield Anti-bacterial/anti-viral protection for up to 1 year
  • Multi-touch Android Kiosk with support for thousands of apps

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Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions120 × 45 × 45 cm
Display Resolution1080 x 1920px
Brightness500 nits
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1
Screen Size21.5-inch
Touchscreen10-point PCAP Multi-touch

Includes 6-Month subscription for
E Suite Content Marketing and CMS for Digital Signage.

Protect and Inform

Hotel Guests and Staff

Promote Hygiene for

Restaurant Workers and Customers

Reduce Contamination

Grocery Stores

Protect and Inform

Retail Shoppers and Staff

Promote Safety and Hygiene

Workplaces and Offices

Support Your Members

Fitness Clubs and Spas


How much hand sanitizer can the kiosk store?

The Sanitizer kiosk can hold up to 2000 ml (approx. 67 oz.) of hand sanitizer, which translates to approximately 700-1000 uses before requiring a refill.

How many uses before a refill of hand sanitizer is required?

The average user will need around 2-3 ml of hand sanitizer per wash. The Sanitizer Kiosk can hold up to 2000 ml of hand sanitizer, which translates to approximately 700-1000 uses before requiring a refill.

Does the Sanitizer Kiosk come with a camera?

The webcam is an optional add-on for the hand-sanitizer kiosk available for larger orders of 5 units or more.

Does the Sanitizer Kiosk have built-in Wi-Fi?

Yes. The Sanitizer Kiosk comes with 802.11ac Wi-Fi built-in.

What is the resolution of the kiosk display?

The maximum resolution supported by the kiosk display is 1080×1920.

Do you require a minimum order?

There is no minimum order for the standard Sanitizer Kiosk. For a customized Sanitizer Kiosk with any of the options below there is a minimum 5 unit order required.

  • RGB Lighting
  • Microsoft Windows 10 PC

How is the Sanitizer Kiosk assembled?

The sanitizer kiosk comes in 2 pieces: the kiosk unit and the display stand. Both come together with a few bolts.

Does the kiosk come with hand sanitizer?

No. The Sanitizer Kiosk ships empty and can be re-filled with any commercial hand-sanitizer.

How long does the anti-bacterial solution last?

Based on extensive testing the anti-bacterial solution applied to the screen will typically last for 1 year with normal use. We recommend ordering a second coating within 12 months. For heavy users it is recommended to re-apply within 6-8 months.

How will I know when the kiosk is out of sanitizer?

The Sanitizer Kiosk comes with a fill sensor that will light up with the current fill level. Blue means full or more than half, Green means the sanitizer level is around 50% and Red indicates that a refill is required.

What kind of hand sanitizer can I use with the Sanitizer Kiosk?

The Sanitizer Kiosk can be used with any commercial hand sanitizing solution.

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